Date: 05/06/2019
Time: 10:00 am – 11:00 am

Please note, this energy webinar is specific to a UK audience and is ideal for energy intensive businesses such as manufacturers and factories who own and operate their HV infrastructure.


As the energy transition progresses and energy prices continue to rise, many organisations are searching for ways to improve their on-site electricity infrastructure to provide consumption, cost and CO2 savings.

Join Powerstar online on Wednesday, 5th June, 2019 at 10:00am for a free webinar to explore the options available to businesses for upgrading their high voltage (HV) electricity infrastructure and the benefits of doing so. These benefits can take the shape of something as incremental as improving efficiencies or as impactful as being the start of the development and implementation of a holistic smart energy management strategy.


Upgrades to the HV infrastructure can focus in a number of different areas. In this webinar Powerstar will explore two avenues for delivering improved efficiencies to electricity infrastructure. Firstly, the benefits of implementing modern distribution transformers which utilise efficient core materials, which is particularly relevant for sites with ageing transformers on site.

Next Powerstar will discuss the solutions that are available to both manage voltage and increase HV efficiencies further. Distribution transformers as a standalone asset can be utilised for managing voltage, however, it is considered less efficient. High Voltage winding taps are provided to match the incoming voltage should it be different to the expected in order to provide the correct nameplate output secondary voltage. Altering the tap setting to accommodate voltage management means they are essentially no longer operating at their optimal levels. However, transformers can be combined with variable voltage optimisation in a combined HV/LV solution, to provide both voltage management and increased energy efficiency.

Following any upgrades, businesses should be able to see the visibility of the performance and operation of such critical energy assets. Smart transformers, for example, come equipped with remote monitoring capabilities that enable users to view vital information about the performance and condition of the transformer at any time and from anywhere with a secure internet connection to deliver valuable insights about efficiencies and optimisations. This allows the HV infrastructure to become part of a wider, connected and business-wide smart energy strategy.

Why attend?

  • Explore how businesses can upgrade HV infrastructure to maximise efficiencies and CO2
  • Understand the cost benefits of implementing smart energy technologies, and how solutions can pay for themselves without financial risk for multi-asset clients
  • Explore real-life applications, actual savings achieved, and independent verification studies of Powerstar’s smart energy solutions
  • Question and engage with an industry expert regarding options for reducing energy costs


Powerstar partners with renowned specialist distributor Thorne & Derrick

Powerstar, UK manufacturer of leading-edge smart energy solutions, has announced a new partnership with Thorne & Derrick International to help bolster its smart transformers offering for energy conscious businesses, allowing them to improve their existing high voltage (HV) infrastructures, maximise efficiencies and reduce electricity consumption and costs with a solution that enables real-time asset monitoring...