Innovative energy solutions for the Design Museum

Powerstar VIRTUE energy solution
The Design Museum, renowned for promoting innovation and working with emerging technologies, have fittingly installed Powerstar VIRTUE, the leading-edge energy storage solution, at the heart of the museum’s energy strategy, enabling the Design Museum to become one of the first in its sector to adopt demand side response (DSR)...
Energy Storage/ September 16, 2019

Banking on Clean Energy (Industry Insights)

Banking response to the energy transition
April’s Industry Insight explored how major oil and gas (O&G) companies such as BP, ExxonMobil and Shell were responding to industry shifts and a global cultural re-evaluation towards traditional energy sources and electrical consumption. It conveyed how despite their prominence in the industry, these companies face intense scrutiny from...

A new generation of integrated solutions

Solar PV array
As the energy landscape evolves, it becomes increasingly clear that the most effective way for businesses to reduce energy costs, ensure supply resilience, and move towards carbon neutrality is the implementation of a comprehensive smart energy strategy. Powerstar not only manufactures technologies that are an integral part of such...
Energy Storage/ May 28, 2019

A smoother journey with energy resilience

As the pace of the energy transition towards connected assets and increased renewable generation quickens, the reliability and security of supply required to carry out daily operations is increasingly important. As such, interruptions to supply is an issue that can affect businesses in any industry but is undeniably more...
Energy Storage/ May 22, 2019

Enhancing Resilience

In the world of modern manufacturing, with just-in-time processes, total quality management, and high value products, any interruption to the security of supply and the manufacturing process in general can be of significant financial and reputational cost to a company. In fact, a survey by Centrica Business Solutions found...
Energy Storage/Case Study/ March 21, 2019