Storage Simplified: What the October 2017 Ofgem change to transmission charging means for behind-the-meter (BtM) energy storage customers

What effects will Ofgem's proposals have
Earlier this year, on 22 June, a legal challenge to Ofgem’s proposals over cuts to embedded benefits was quashed, which made news across the industry and sparked concern for investors and customers alike. The proposals from Ofgem centred around cutting the Triad payments that are made to smaller electricity generators...
Energy Storage/Storage Simplified/ September 24, 2018

Behind-the-Meter – Storage Simplified

Behind-the-Meter market leader Powerstar VIRTUE
In the Storage Simplified series Powerstar aims to provide a concise summary of terms which often appear in the discussion surrounding energy storage but due to numerous acronyms in such as fast-paced market,can often seem like a foreign language to those unaccustomed to energy storage, or even the energy industry as...