Maximum Insights: A Powerstar MAX video

As part of the continuous improvement of our smart energy technologies, we have upgraded our variable voltage optimisation solution, Powerstar MAX. This upgrade replaces the HMI interface with an online remote monitoring platform which allows for the key performance characteristics of the asset to be analysed at any time...
Voltage Optimisation/ July 3, 2019

A Safe Bet – Powerstar Case Study

Powerstar’s latest voltage optimisation case study is for South Africa’s Boardwalk Hotel and Casino, which offers 5-star hotel accommodation just minutes from Hobie Beach. Offering conferencing facilities for its business clients alongside 24-hour entertainment and exquisite dining experiences, the Boardwalk proudly boasts of being the only licenced casino in...
Voltage Optimisation/ July 3, 2019

Powerstar MAX: Enhanced visibility for maximum insights

Maximum Insights with Powerstar MAX
Powerstar’s commitment to the continuous improvement of its offering in line with customer expectations has led to an upgrade to its Powerstar MAX variable voltage optimisation solution. The upgrade provides customers with increased visibility of their energy use and asset performance through an online remote monitoring platform. Effective as...
Voltage Optimisation/ May 1, 2019

Sweet Savings: HV MAX Case Study

Baked goods case study
With thousands of installations across the globe, Powerstar has implemented its solutions into almost every industry from acute hospitals to cheese makers. Our latest case study covers a fresh baked goods company that identified Powerstar HV MAX as an ideal solution to aid their growing sustainability efforts. The baked...

Offsetting Rising Electricity Costs – Webinar on Demand

Offsetting Rising Energy Costs
On 3rd April 2019, Ricky Higgins, Powerstar Business Development Manager, delivered an informative webinar explaining how smart energy solutions can assist companies in offsetting rising energy prices whilst delivering key insights into energy usage and reducing carbon emissions. Companies have been experiencing these spikes in energy costs since last...
Voltage Optimisation/ April 3, 2019

A Serviced Solution

As fixed, long-term energy contracts come to an end, many companies in the UK are being exposed to price rises of up to 40%. This is most keenly felt by energy-intensive users or multi-site businesses such as manufacturers, retail and leisure chains respectively, but also impacts on the bottom...
Voltage Optimisation/ February 26, 2019