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Power resilience for a net zero world

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How to Use Energy Storage to Achieve Net Zero






Every type of business has a responsibility to improve the efficiency of their daily operations to reduce carbon emissions. The Government is also putting more pressure on certain industries to be more aware of their carbon footprint and to become more environmentally friendly.

The energy industry is responding rapidly to this and is rolling out more renewable energy solutions. With more renewable energy sources being used, being able to fully utilise this energy is something that needs to be considered. Although renewable energies are available in the UK, having a suitable storage set-up can help many businesses to make the most of the renewable energy they access.

For many, the thought of achieving net-zero carbon can seem unreachable or unaffordable. However, there are energy storage options available that are suitable for many business set-ups. We’re going to take a look at how you can achieve net-zero using energy storage solutions.

What is net-zero?

Although the term ‘net zero’ is a common phrase used frequently these days, it can be seen as a bit of a buzzword. Keeping it simple, net-zero refers to the balance between the amount of greenhouse gas produced and the amount removed from the atmosphere. Energy sources like solar or wind powers are a good example of net-zero sources, because they consistently renew themselves and don’t produce harmful gasses or emissions in order to generate. To reach net-zero, the amount a business adds to the environment is no more than the amount taken away. By installing battery storage solutions for example, businesses can aim to achieve a net-zero emissions balance.

How does battery energy storage work?

Renewable energy in the UK is usually produced from sun or wind power. Renewable energy refers to sources that do not deplete and consistently renew themselves, unlike more traditional energy sources like fossil fuels.

The UK’s weather is unpredictable and dramatically changes over the course of a year. This causes the main drawback for implementing renewable energy sources. They are not available all of the time. For example, solar energy can only be created during sunlight hours or wind power can only be generated during windy periods. However, battery storage is an effective solution to ensure that you are making the most of your renewable energy sources.

By storing the generated energy from solar panels or wind turbines into a specially designed battery energy storage system (BESS), you can access your own source of renewable energy that is accessible all year round, whenever you need it. For example, on overcast days during winter when your solar power system isn’t producing a high amount of energy, you can still access solar energy that has been stored instead of pulling power from the electricity grid to compensate at peak times. This can significantly help to improve your sustainability and progress towards net zero, as you can now rely on renewable energy much more reliably.

What are the other benefits of using a BESS?

As well as achieving net-zero emissions, installing a BESS can bring several other benefits that can positively impact your business, the planet, and your bottom line.

Lower your bills

By using more on-site renewable energy, you could save a considerable amount on annual electricity costs. Businesses can also purchase electricity from the grid during cheaper times and use it during peak periods when costs can be higher. This helps to create a more beneficial balance between using more renewable sources and limiting the amount of electricity used from the grid. This shift in main energy sources can provide noticeably lower running costs.

More protection

By using a BESS set-up, it allows the production and consistent use of renewable energy to be separated from periods of low consumption. Businesses can suffer during energy black-outs or even peak times, causing production or operations to grind to a halt unexpectedly. By implementing a BESS, this system can provide a reliable back-up energy source that isn’t affected by the grid, so that you can keep things running effectively until energy is more stable.

Become more energy independent

By installing a BESS for renewable energy, it allows your business to be less reliant on the grid. Your business can become more resilient and independent, so that if the grid has troubles delivering power, you won’t be affected. This is an excellent solution for premises that are situated in more remote or rural areas where energy supply can be unreliable. With a battery storage solution in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that you won’t be affected by the grid losing power and you’ll be able to power key appliances.

Better for the planet

As mentioned before, BESS set-ups allow your business to become more self-sufficient. Relying more on energy generated from solar or wind puts less pressure on the grid and traditional energy sources. Taking steps like installing a battery storage system for your business will allow you to fully utilise renewable energy sources, without having to compromise on reliability. This results in lower greenhouse gas emissions and wastes less generated energy as a whole.

Utilising BESS for EV charging

Being able to use a Battery Energy Storage System to implement more environmentally friendly systems in your workplace is achievable. BESS set-ups for businesses allows eco- technology such as rapid EV charging to be deployed more easily. EV charging ports are becoming more in demand for both domestic and commercial usage. More and more businesses are adopting the use of electric vehicles for their fleets as they are cheaper to run and have lower tax costs. This increase in users transitioning to electric vehicles means that there is a higher demand for rapid charging ports.

The charging demand in EV charge stations can potentially cause the grid to overload and damage equipment such as transformers. BESS is able to provide an additional EV power supply required for charging. This battery storage solution decreases dependency on the grid and makes it more practical for businesses to swap fossil fuel transport with more eco-friendly vehicles. Without having to depend on the grid to charge electric vehicles, this process can often be done much faster using an alternative BESS set-up.

BESS at Powerstar

At Powerstar, we aim to supply our customers with environmentally friendly solutions that benefit both the organisation and the planet. BESS set-ups are an effective way for your business to progress towards net zero emissions. Our Battery Energy Storage Systems are suitable for a multitude of different applications and provide solutions to issues and concerns that perhaps prevented businesses from adopting renewable energies before.

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