Advanced Modelling and Simulation

At Powerstar, our commitment to success is fortified by advanced modelling and simulation, ensuring projects are designed accurately and meet all previously agreed target metrics.

Here is how we ensure seamless operations:

1: Data-Driven Decision Making

  • Data on a site’s energy consumption is combined with a map of existing infrastructure.
  • This allows us to assess proposed solutions and their interactions with a client site well before installation and commissioning.

2: Digital Twin Stress Testing

  • Digital modelling is a cornerstone of our technology stress-testing approach.
  • Building a digital twin of a site allows us to evaluate how each technology responds to diverse conditions.
  • It is vital in identifying and rectifying potential issues in the design phase, preventing surprises post-commissioning.

3: Enhanced Issue Resolution

  • Our digital modelling plays a key role in identifying and resolving conflicts between newly installed technology and existing infrastructure.
  • This proactive approach ensures optimal performance and reliability from the outset.

4: Project Approvals and Investor Confidence

  • Comprehensive digital modelling is a potent tool for gaining project approvals and investor buy-in.
  • When seeking approval from a client’s Distribution Network Operator (DNO), our digital site version can help to demonstrate responsible completion of the project without compromising local distribution infrastructure.

5: Unmatched Expertise in the UK Market

  • Powerstar stands out in the UK market with extensive experience and unparalleled capabilities in modelling and simulating intricate Behind the Meter power flows and systems.
  • Powerstar is an industry leader as one of the few non-university entities to possess genuine grid emulators. These emulators recreate real-time grid supply on a digital replica of a physical site, guaranteeing accuracy and dependability.

At Powerstar, our dedication to success is reinforced by advanced Modelling and Simulation.

This means you can have confidence that your projects will operate precisely as intended, thanks to our thorough planning and testing processes.

Voltage regulation technology helped to deliver a 10% reduction in energy whilst bolstering resilience for this leading manufacturer.

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