Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionising Energy Management with AI Precision.

Powerstar’s market-leading innovation includes utilising a neural network-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. This use of advanced AI helps to ensure our solutions deliver the maximum possible benefit to clients as they navigate the energy transition.

Our advanced AI seamlessly integrates into our client-focused offerings:

Intelligent Decision-Making​

  • Powerstar’s research and development team constantly refines an AI system that continues to improve microgrid performance.
  • Our AI-driven software drives continuous improvements, maximising efficiency, resilience, and sustainability over time.

Comprehensive Energy Control​

  • Microgrid efficiency hinges on a precise control system. Our energy management system is market-leading when it comes to automating decisions for power resilience, cost savings, and carbon reduction.

Data-Powered Learning​

  • A central control hub uses diverse data points for rapid learning and performance enhancement.
  • Smart electronics and sensors generate rich data, enabling the AI system to adapt dynamically to changing conditions.

Dynamic Optimisation​

  • Continuous fine-tuning distinguishes our energy management system, delivering optimal energy usage.
  • AI integration takes it a step further, empowering the system to progressively improve performance over time.

Adaptable Solutions for Changing Needs​

  • Powerstar’s AI-empowered system doesn’t just optimise specific solutions; it transforms entire energy management infrastructures.
  • Adaptive to internal and external factors, our system ensures continuous improvement, accommodates changing priorities, and enhancing overall site performance.

Experience the future of energy management with Powerstar – where AI isn’t just a feature; it’s the key to a smarter, more resilient, and sustainable energy landscape. Energise your operations intelligently with Powerstar’s AI-driven electrification solutions.

Model energy systems in real-time allowed the client to implement a vital testing capability that would otherwise have been extremely difficult.

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