Microgrid Design

Smart microgrids cover a wide range of projects, with each client requiring a customised solution to address their specific challenges.

It is vital to ensure the seamless integration of a client’s current assets with new ones, incorporating both existing and new site infrastructure into a complete system.

Our consultative approach means that we work with clients to design a bespoke microgrid solution from the ground up, guiding them through the entire process from initial consultation, through installation and commissioning to optimisation and aftercare. This process all starts with designing a microgrid that meets a specific client’s energy management priorities.

Our comprehensive microgrid design offering considers every aspect of a proposed project, including:

Existing electrical infrastructure and equipment, and how it will be incorporated into an area-wide microgrid

How both electricity and heat can be generated on-site, and managed as efficiently as possible

The maximum potential demand of a site, and the amount of both on-site generation and storage needed to be able to meet that demand

Energy metering and smart sensors, providing data on how a site is using energy as well as allowing our AI-powered control system to make real-time decisions and learn over time

The timescales, costs, and logistics of bringing a proposed smart microgrid project to completion

With such complex projects, it is vital that businesses work with a trusted, committed partner who can provide guidance and support from conception to completion.

Powerstar has delivered unique microgrid solutions across a broad range of applications and sectors, unlocking cost and carbon savings, better power resilience and new opportunities for innovation for our clients.

The system has already protected the site from five blackouts, providing sitewide resilience for 2.5 hours at peak load.

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