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Commercial Modelling

Our process initiates with a thorough review of major generating and load assets. This forms the basis for constructing a high-level business model, meticulously analysing savings/revenues, CO2 savings, and potential funding models.


Technical Feasibility Study

We delve into comprehensive technical modelling, employing a digital twin model to replicate the current and proposed infrastructure. This fundamental step ensures that our proposed solutions operate at peak technical efficiency, minimising risks to resilience and maximising potential benefits.


Functional Design Specification
Precision is the cornerstone of our approach. We define the function and performance criteria for the proposed system, collaborating closely with our clients to agree on contractual elements such as system availability and round-trip efficiency. Additionally, we establish robust test criteria required for Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) and Site Acceptance Tests (SAT).


Internal and External Design Packs
Crafting detailed internal packs for the shop floor and external packs for subcontracted items is a meticulous process at Powerstar. These packs include comprehensive documentation for compliance and approvals submitted to Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).


Final Proposal
Our final proposed solution is presented with transparency, incorporating costings, timelines, savings, and all necessary documentation for scheme progression. Upon moving forward, we ensure the stability of decisions by “freezing” all previous designs and quotes.


Programme Management
A dedicated programme manager and support team are assigned to each project. Their role is pivotal in ensuring that the project is not only delivered on time but also aligns precisely with specifications and stays within budgetary confines.


Pre-site Works
We proactively execute all long-lead pre-site works ahead of the system’s arrival. This strategic approach minimizes program disruption and sets the stage for a smooth transition.


Clients are invited to witness the manufacturing process at our Sheffield and Bromsgrove Manufacturing sites. This unique opportunity includes onsite testing on our world-class microgrid test platform, validating all logic tests and mitigating risks.


Delivery and Installation
Global collaboration is key. We work closely with trusted installers and civil partners worldwide, ensuring consistent and reliable delivery of site works on behalf of our esteemed clients.


Commissioning and Handover

Our experienced Powerstar team takes charge of commissioning the asset and conducting the Site Acceptance Test (SAT). This meticulous process aims to minimise downtime risks while methodically recording all Beginning of Life metrics.


O&M (Operations & Maintenance)

Our commitment extends beyond implementation. The dedicated 24/7 remote asset team ensures optimal system performance. Pre-emptive analytics are deployed to proactively prevent or shorten downtime periods. Annual performance reviews provide insights and recommendations for continuous improvement.

The Powerstar VIRTUE system, installed in 2018, is providing the site with an optimised voltage output due to the integrated voltage regulation technology.

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