HV MAX Amorphous Core Transformers
Amorphous core transformers are highly efficient electrical transformers which have a magnetic core comprised 
of ferromagnetic amorphous metal alloyed with a glass former.

This ribbon of steel is wound to form the transformer’s core. The materials used in amorphous core transformers have high magnetic susceptibility, low coercivity and high electrical resistance.

In comparison, conventional transformers use silicon steel within their core which is usually supplied in coil form and cut into lamination’s which are used to form the transformer’s core.


Improving Transformer Efficiency

Load Loss Comparison (Chart) for Amorphous Core Transformers

Distribution transformers operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, during which time they undergo constant losses. These losses are divided into load losses caused when electricity is passed through the transformer, and no load losses caused irrespective of if electricity is being used. The key to improving transformer efficiency is to reduce no load losses.

Due to the high resistance in amorphous core transformers and the non-crystalline structure allowing for easy and quick magnetisation, both load losses and crucially no load losses are significantly reduced.

Powerstar HV MAX is the only system which utilises an amorphous core transformer complete with integrated electronic-dynamic (MAX) voltage optimisation technology, thus providing a combined energy saving solution offering efficiency savings on the HV side and energy consumption and carbon reduction savings at the LV side.




Powerstar employee nominated for prestigious KTP award

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