If a company is operating its own HV/LV distribution transformer the most effective option is to optimise the voltage at the HV (High Voltage) side by replacing the current inefficient transformer with Powerstar HV MAX.

The Powerstar HV MAX system can be manufactured from 315kVA to 3000kVA, allowing for 11,000V input (other inputs available) and regulated 380V or user defined output.

Powerstar HV MAX is the only system which utilises an amorphous core HV/LV distribution transformer with fully integrated variable voltage optimisation technology. This capability minimises installation costs substantially, especially where access and/or space limitations exist.

The flexibility of the HV MAX design allows for the variable voltage optimisation to be integrated either in the dsad sadsasame platform as the amorphous core distribution transformer or mounted remotely.

It often makes sense to replace the existing HV distribution transformer with Powerstar HV MAX even if there are still some years of functional operation left in the currently installed conventional transformer and typically around 1%-3% savings can be expected simply by upgrading to the amorphous core HV transformer used in Powerstar HV MAX.

In addition, double-digit savings can be expected from the integrated variable voltage optimisation technology through energy consumption and carbon reduction savings, as a result, annual energy consumption savings from Powerstar HV MAX average around 13%.

Is Powerstar HV MAX right for my business?

Powerstar HV MAX is ideal for businesses with the following profile:

  • Operates its own HV/LV supply
  • Has an inefficient HV/LV distribution transformer on site with high losses
  • Has a high incoming voltage profile
  • Powerstar HV MAX systems have provided significant savings for healthcare estates, supermarkets, utility companies, education facilities, government buildings and new build developments.

If Powerstar HV MAX does not fit your requirements then our Low Voltage (LV) range of voltage optimisation systems are available through either Powerstar LITE or Powerstar MAX.



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