Introducing Powerstar as a Service®

As a market leading manufacturer of energy efficiency solutions, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our offering and deliver new services to customers.

This process has led us to Powerstar as a Service. As the name suggests, Powerstar’s energy management solutions are provided as a service to clients which means that businesses operating a large portfolio or multiple Powerstar assets can receive all the benefits of our award-winning voltage optimisation solutions with no capital outlay.

Utilising this service brings with it a number of benefits additional to those obtained through the implementation of the physical solutions such as energy consumption savings, CO2 emission reductions and an optimised supply. These include:

No Capital Expenditure: As this solution works as a service; no capital expenditure is required by the customer. The fixed price of the service agreement is based on the potential economic benefit of the VO solution meaning the customer is cash positive from day 1.


Results Driven Service: Both the energy management solution and the service agreement will be produced bespoke to meet specific client needs. Rigorous and ongoing measurement and verification will be undertaken to ensure everything is working optimally.


A Guaranteed Solution: The Powerstar 100% savings guarantee applies to all assets covered by the service agreement. Powerstar’s maintenance free, full-service approach offers peace of mind and allows business to focus on their core activities.


Powerstar as a Service is available for the full range of Powerstar voltage optimisation solutions and designed to give customers a fixed payment service for the supply and installation of Powerstar solutions.

The fixed payment of the service agreement is based on the potential economic benefit of the VO solution. Essentially, the monthly cost for the system will be less than the monthly savings/revenue produced by the system, meaning the customer is cash positive from day one in addition to being upheld by performance guarantees from Powerstar for ultimate peace of mind.

As with all Powerstar solutions, the agreement is bespoke and flexible dependant on the customer’s needs and can range from 2 – 10 years.


Q: How does Powerstar as a Service® affect the *15-year warranty and expected 50-year life span of the Powerstar range?

A: It doesn’t. All assets covered by the service agreement are subject to Powerstar’s standard guarantees, including the 100% savings and *15-year warranty (*15 years UK only, 10 overseas)

Q: Does Powerstar as a Service® cover servicing and maintenance of the Powerstar solutions?

A: The Powerstar range of voltage optimisation technologies remain maintenance free due to not containing any moving parts. However, to ensure the optimal running and adhere to the warranty, yearly servicing of your Powerstar should be undertaken. Powerstar can arrange this for you, see maintenance and inspection services.


For more information regarding Powerstar as a Service® please contact us using the short form below, emailing [email protected] or by calling 01142 576 200:


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