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Agreed Supply Capacity

Your agreed supply capacity, or ASC, is the amount of electricity that your DNO must provide you with at all times. It is also referred to as Supply capacity or Authorised Supply Capacity.

Put simply, the most cost-effective energy management approach is to aim to fall as close to your ASC as possible. If your organisation has solid energy efficiency in place, or just don’t use a lot of energy, you could be paying for a large supply capacity you don’t need. It is especially important to check up on your ASC when moving premises.

Exceeding your ASC, known as Excess Capacity, is equally expensive. A change in business activities that ramps up your demand could risk you exceeding your agreed supply. This comes with significantly higher fees from your DNO.

Keeping track of your ASC is a vital part of your energy management strategy. Crucially, you will only get one opportunity per year to re-negotiate your ASC, so ensure you have kept it in mind when making major changes to how you use energy. If you are looking to increase your ASC, there is a risk your DNO will reject it outright if there is a risk of it causing disruption. In this case, alternative options such as using battery energy storage to offset grid demand may prove a more viable solution.

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