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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Liquid Filled Transformers

Long-lasting reliable liquid-filled transformers. When it comes to investing in your on-site high voltage infrastructure, it’s important to understand what your power needs are and work with a provider who can help you to achieve tangible energy savings.

Liquid filled and cooled Transformer

What Is a Liquid FIlled Transformers?

Liquid filled distribution transformers are also often utilised in situations where a higher capacity is required as they are noticeably more efficient in this application.

Due to their additional cooling and insulation properties, they’re often located in outdoor spaces additionally, the cooling properties of liquid-filled transformers are often smaller compared to a dry type transformer of the same rating.

If your priority is based on the lowest first cost, then dry-type distribution transformers are often ruled out at an early stage as they typically have higher operating losses than liquid-filled transformers. For this reason, liquid-filled transformers are often bought for their specific energy capabilities.

Liquid-filled transformers built to suit your needs

Whether you’re looking for an on-site liquid-filled transformer for a supermarket or manufacturing plant, your site will have unique energy needs and challenges that mean a traditional off-the-shelf transformer won’t be suitable for the task.

At Powerstar, we employ industry experts with years of experience who work with you to understand your site’s requirements, and where a liquid-filled transformer can help meet your power-grid needs and deliver massive energy savings.

No matter which type of distribution transformer you choose, regular maintenance and annual inspections are an essential part of ensuring your transformers are safe and running optimally. At PowerstarTX you can set up an ongoing care plan for your equipment at the point of purchase or at any time following your purchase.

To decide which transformer is right for your business you can speak to one of our professionals, free of charge and under no obligation.

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