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Pass-Through Charges

Pass-through charges refer to fees paid to companies who operate and maintain the electricity network. For domestic customers they are combined into a single Standing Charge, while for most businesses they are split into Distribution and Transmission use of system charges (DUoS and TNUoS).

DUoS charges recover the cost of installing and maintaining your distribution network on behalf of your DNO. This charge is based on volume of electricity that is used on a site. Rates vary depending on region and time of day, falling into one of three bands (Red, Amber and Green).

TNUoS charges are to recover the cost of installing and maintaining national grid infrastructure. While previously they were calculated using an organisation’s total demand during a period of peak demand (known as a TRIAD period), and were only charged during the winter period. However, following the Targeted Charging Review, they are now charged monthly based on a fixed rate linked to size of site.

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