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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Leading UK Data Centre, Teledata, Invests in Battery Resilience





As lockdown restrictions continue to ease across the UK, many businesses remain focused on reducing electricity consumption and costs where possible. As businesses continue to move towards the UK Government’s 2050 net zero target, not only is cost and carbon reduction a key focus, but businesses must also protect their operations from any power outages. By ensuring they are not relying on grid stability which risks becoming increasingly unstable, businesses can minimise the risk of disruption to business operations.

Teledata, a powerful data centre, is proud to be one of the most secure, resilient and well-connected data centres in the UK, which is why investing money in smart energy solutions was an obvious choice.

Why Smart Energy Solutions were important for TeleData

By investing a significant amount of money into installing smart energy solutions from Powerstar, has enabled Teledata to not only reduce their energy costs, but also support their business in moving forward with achieving net-zero carbon. Through installing a smart battery energy storage system in 2019, Teledata’s carbon footprint was reduced by up to 10% by 2020.

Using Powerstar’s Battery Energy Storage Solution, Teledata is able to store electricity from the grid when demand is low and discharge it when needed, standing in as a back-up energy supply during peak times. Not only does it provide Teledata with stability, but it also offers integrated variable voltage optimisation, delivering a stabilised voltage and boosting Teledata’s resilience by improving the lifespan of equipment, reducing energy waste and optimising incoming power supply.

Matthew Edgley, Commercial Director for Teledata, shared his view on the project: “Powerstar has been an essential partner for Teledata as we work to increase our efficiencies and reduce our carbon footprint. They have been far more than a supplier of energy storage, VO and low loss transformer technology – they have consulted with us every step of the way and our results speak for themselves. Not only have we turned our facility into one of the most sustainable data centres in the UK, but we have also been able to monetise some of the technology via significant energy savings and the generation of revenues through schemes such as FFR and energy trading platforms. The battery storage market is going to be key to the Government’s aggressive and revised carbon targets and we’ve had the confidence to be very early adopters in our industry, which puts us in a great position”

How Battery Energy Storage could support your business

As businesses continue to move closer to achieving Net Zero Carbon, Battery Energy Storage is a vital solution in order to achieve this goal, enabling businesses to capitalise on stored energy. As businesses start to use more renewable generation sources, such as Solar PV, Battery Energy Storage provides businesses with stability when there is high demand on the grid.

Powerstar’s solution is a leading-edge behind-the-meter (BtM) battery energy storage system with uninterruptible power supply (UPS) capabilities, providing rapid or even seamless support in response to a power failure, supporting an entire site within milliseconds of detecting a grid event. Through installing a Battery Energy Storage system, businesses with critical operations can be reassured that they will be protected whenever a power failure occurs and their operations can continue as normal until grid supply is re-established.

In addition to providing seamless site-wide uninterruptible power supply capabilities, battery energy storage, unlike other UPS, can also support a wide range of functionality including maximising on-site energy generation and optimising energy flows, all of which will contribute to businesses achieving their net zero carbon targets in support of a smart microgrid approach.

If your business identifies power resilience as a major risk or would like to enhance energy efficiency and carbon reductions like Teledata, contact Powerstar today and learn how investing in smart energy solutions can help protect your business’s operations, whilst also moving towards achieving your wider energy goals.


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