Small commercial voltage optimisation systems are ideal for use in small commercial outlets, business facilities and residential properties that may have previously found their buildings do not have high enough levels of energy consumption for the commercial scale Powerstar LITE voltage optimisation systems to represent a viable solution.

Powerstar offers small commercial voltage optimisation solutions (three phase) for these applications.

Small Commercial Voltage Optimisation (Three Phase)

Powerstar LITE - Small commercial voltage optimisation systemThese smaller Powerstar LITE systems have been designed and engineered specifically to address the underlying extremes between small and large scale voltage optimisation installations, opening up the benefits of the technology to businesses with premises using up to 300,000kWh per year.

Systems range between 80 Amps and 200 Amps





The Powerstar LITE small commercial voltage optimisation systems offer a range of benefits including:

  • Reducing the oversupply of voltage to a building
  • Reducing energy consumption by an average of 8%-10%
  • Improving equipment efficiency and extend lifespan of equipment
  • Compatibility with renewable technologies such as PV & wind turbines

Typical sites who will benefit from a Powerstar LITE small commercial system include retail outlets, boutique hotels, restaurants, GP surgeries, laundrettes, coffee shops & cafes, gyms & health clubs, small industrial units, office facilities, convenience stores and petrol stations.

Domestic Voltage Optimisation (Single Phase)

Powerstar LITE - Small commercial voltage optimisation system, single phase for domestic use

Single phase, domestic voltage optimisation is no longer available as part of Powerstar’s range of products.

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