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Powerstar across the Americas

The Powerstar range of energy saving technologies has been researched, designed and manufactured at the company headquarters in Sheffield, UK, since the company was founded in 2001. The facility and its technology represent the forefront of technological advances to reduce electrical consumption to reduce costs and carbon emissions.

The network of Powerstar distributors across the Americas is dedicated to ensuring customers achieve their maximum savings potential. Savings in energy consumption from Powerstar’s voltage optimization technology are 100% guaranteed and also provide significant environmental benefits through the reduction of CO2 emissions. To make sure client’s specified requirements and guaranteed savings are met, bespoke solutions are provided to each client based the analysis and evaluation of site data.

Powerstar’s Americas distributors deliver the complete range of Powerstar voltage optimization solutions, including the fixed low voltage (LV) optimization solution, Powerstar LITE, the variable LV optimization solution, Powerstar MAX, and the combined high voltage (HV) solution, Powerstar HV MAX.

Master Distributors for USA:

To best serve the North American audience, Powerstar has appointed PathZERO Energy as its Master Distributor due to their excellence and expertise of the energy industry in their region.

PathZERO Energy is an enlightened energy services provider here to help businesses transform their energy management with a new approach. We help take customers and their facilities on a path to cheaper, cleaner, more reliable energy.

Find out more about PathZERO Energy

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Powerstar’s Technologies

Powerstar is a leading provider of voltage optimization, energy storage, and smart distribution transformer solutions. Find out more about each technology below.

Voltage Optimization

Energy Storage

Smart Distribution Transformers





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