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Major savings for prestigious University in Maryland, USA: Voltage Optimisation Case Study





Our latest international voltage optimisation case study highlights a significant electrical consumption saving for Mount St. Mary’s University, located in Emmitsburg, Maryland in the USA.

Established in 1808, Mount St. Mary’s achieved university status in 2004, boasting 1 million square feet under roof across a 1,400-acre campus. Over the years, the university has grown to facilitate over 2,400 students and more than 1,000 staff. This, combined with the large variety of on-site electrical equipment required to provide each student with an outstanding educational environment, means that electrical consumption for the university is high, and continues to grow as student and staff numbers increase.

Addressing mounting electricity costs

As a not-for-profit institution, with a student-centric focus and academic excellence at the core of its values, Mount St. Mary’s was looking for ways to make the most of its funds to allow maximum investment into its core objectives of academic excellence, and a providing a transformative learning environment. Similarly, as an active part of the local community, the university takes environmental sustainability very seriously.

To achieve this, the university looked for ways to make savings on energy costs whilst reducing carbon emissions, and, after seeking advice from a trusted energy consultant at the university, research identified voltage regulation as a suitable technology to achieve this. Due to our patented and award-winning technology, as well as customer-focused, bespoke approach, Powerstar was chosen to assist Mount St. Mary’s achieve these goals.

A lite touch

After a thorough analysis of the campus’ voltage profile, which was stable, but higher than required for on-site electrical equipment, the installation of a Powerstar LITE system was recommended.

The fixed low voltage regulation solution reduces the incoming voltage by a set amount over a pre-defined tap range, which corrects the overvoltage supplied by the local network to reduce electrical consumption. This, provides annual savings on electricity costs and minimises carbon emissions, alongside extended longevity to the university’s electrical equipment from operating a level closer to the design characteristics.

Utilising approved partners within the region, Powerstar provided Mount St. Mary’s with a bespoke, concept to completion solution designed to meet the unique requirements of the university, resulting in significant savings to its electrical consumption and costs. The savings generated by the can be reinvesting into the university’s core activities to continuously deliver on its student-centric, academic excellence.

Following the success of the initial installation, Mount St. Mary’s installed two additional Powerstar LITE systems with similar savings being achieved, and are also exploring additional electronic-dynamic Powerstar MAX voltage regulation solutions for their site.

To find out more about Powerstar’s innovative technology and how it can your organisation implement net zero projects without negatively impacting your power resilience, contact our team now.

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