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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Commercial Site Microgrids

A growing variety of commercial sites are implementing microgrids to optimise their energy usage. A common example is a distribution centre or manufacturing site with Solar PV generation on the roof and EV charging points for delivery vehicles. Microgrids are popular for commercial sites because they allow for improved resilience and security as well as creating opportunities for reducing energy costs and revenue generation.

Commercial Site Microgrid

In this example, the Microgrid consists of a Powerstar Battery Energy Storage System, Powerstar HV MAX amorphous core transformer with integrated Voltage Optimisation, EV Chargers supplied by our commercial partner and existing Solar PV Generation. For this project, the HV MAX system transforms and optimizes the voltage supplied from the national grid. Incoming voltage in the UK is typically supplied at an overvoltage, averaging 248V, far higher than the 220V most equipment is designed to operate at optimally. By conditioning and reducing incoming voltage, voltage optimisation improves energy efficiency and reduces overall energy costs. This has the added benefit of lowering your CO2 emissions and helping towards net zero targets, as well as increasing the lifespan of your electrical equipment and reducing the need for maintenance. 

The BESS is used to buffer the rapid charging of electric vehicles without placing additional strain on the site’s grid connection. Rapid charging of multiple electric vehicles simultaneously can significantly increase the demand of a site, risking exceeding your agreed supply capacity and incurring significant additional costs. In some cases, multiple rapid EV chargers could require a new grid connection, which is prohibitively expensive for many businesses, or could be turned down outright by your DNO if they are concerned it could disrupt the local distribution network. Utilising Battery Energy Storage allows for the battery to be charged during off-peak hours and then used to bolster your available capacity when needed, rather than relying on grid supply.

The Battery Storage system also allows for excess energy generated by solar PV to be stored for use later at peak times. Grid Service contracts also offer an additional stream of revenue for sites with combined on-site generation and a Battery storage system. As the energy transition continues the need for expanded, decentralised generation and storage will increase, offering long-term value and revenue for sites that are able to meet the requirements of various grid balancing mechanisms.

BESS can also make use of integrated UPS capability to protect in the event of a disruption to grid supply. The energy transition and the rapid expansion of inflexible, renewable generation, as well as the increase in power demand as technologies such as EV charging and electric heating are rolled out, could see the risk of power disruption to a commercial site increase. A BESS able to provide instantaneous emergency power in the event of an outage ensures bolsters energy security site-wide and protects against costly power disruption.

This plays a vital in allowing many commercial sites to continue production in the event of a blackout, where an interrupted production cycle could significantly impact on productivity and profitability, as well as wasted product and raw materials. For many commercial sites, even very brief power disruptions can lead to lengthy outages as equipment is unexpectedly shut down and takes time to be rebooted, while there is also a significant risk of important data being lost or corrupted.

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