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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Service Station Microgrids

The rapid transition to electric vehicles (EV) risk putting significant additional strain on electrical infrastructure, including spikes in peak demand when large numbers of electric vehicles connect to chargers at the same time.

Local distribution networks, often not designed for such large power flows, will also be put under additional strain. This is expected to be particularly common at motorway service stations, which are often located where distribution infrastructure is sparse.

The Powerstar Battery Energy Storage system in this example underpins the ability to fast charge multiple electric vehicles at the same time without exceeding agreed supply capacity or requiring an expensive new grid connection. Without battery-buffered EV charging provided by Powerstar, rapid charging on a large scale required by a motorway service station such as this would not be possible.

Service station sites are often well-suited to on-site energy generation, either on adjacent land to the service station or through the use of Solar PV canopies, such as the one seen here at the Powerstar head office. These canopies convert standard parking spaces, or EV charging spaces into a sustainable revenue generation opportunity.

An amorphous core low-loss transformer and voltage optimisation system dovetails with the BESS system to reduce energy losses and reduce energy bills. Reducing the voltage supplied from the grid to the level most electrical equipment is designed to work at will also help reduce damage from overvoltage and reduce the need for maintenance.

Another benefit of utilising a Battery Storage system in your Microgrid is that the BESS also allows for exporting energy to the grid through grid service contracts. This can create an extra revenue source for the service station at times when demand is lower.

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