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Smart Energy Solutions to Help Deliver your Net Zero Target – Webinar Recording (11.03.21)

On Thursday, 11th March 2021, Powerstar’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr Alex Mardapittas, delivered an informative webinar to examine practical ways UK businesses can work towards net zero carbon whilst protecting operations from energy related failures and enhancing energy efficiency.

For many businesses that remain focused on the short term during the pandemic, smart energy solutions can also deliver tangible reductions to overhead and operating costs whilst bolstering efforts towards achieving net zero. Significant investment will likely be required in order to achieve ambitious carbon reduction targets.

This can be a barrier for many businesses, particularly in the current climate. However, by addressing energy efficiency and implementing energy saving technologies as part of a wider net-zero strategy, businesses can reduce electricity consumption and costs, with payback periods starting from just two years. Alongside battery storage options include voltage optimisation, which offers immediate contributions to wider carbon reduction targets and generates a strong return on investment.

View the full webinar recording below:

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