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Powerstar, the market-leading energy storage and voltage optimisation brand, is pleased to announce the Powerstar LITE voltage optimisation system has been successfully tested under laboratory conditions by the Energy Efficiency...

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Dr Alex Mardapittas, inventor of the VIRTUE energy storage solution and Managing Director of Powerstar, emphasises how electricity supply issues have become an increasingly common problem within the UK electricity...

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Powerstar, the market leading international voltage optimisation and energy storage brand, continues to deliver bespoke energy saving solutions for customers in the manufacturing industry, having assisted many industrial processing sites...

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Powerstar USA, the newly launched Americas office of leading international energy storage and voltage optimisation brand Powerstar, has recently expanded operations across the whole of North and South America. Working...

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  On March 8, 2017, the Advertising Standard Agency (ASA) made a ruling against Powerstar’s advertising claims. This was in relation to the statement that Powerstar can make savings on...

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