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Powerstar, the market leading international voltage optimisation and energy storage brand, continues to deliver bespoke energy saving solutions for customers in the manufacturing industry, having assisted many industrial processing sites and factories without compromising output, including, recently, Tetra Pak CPS Ltd.

Tetra Pak CPS Ltd’s purpose-built factory situated in Sherborne, Dorset, manufactures cheese making equipment, with capacities for up to 12 metric tonnes per hour for dairy customers worldwide.

As part of its sustainability focused ethos, Tetra Pak CPS wanted to explore opportunities to lower its environmental impact, specifically to reduce its yearly energy consumption.

Voltage optimisation technology was identified as a viable option to achieve the desired energy reductions. A well-established solution, voltage optimisation assists in bringing voltages in line with the needs of a site, resulting in improved electricity supply. The well established reputation of Powerstar, along with its engineering expertise and shared sustainability values, was the reason it was selected to undertake the project.

After a full site evaluation, it was discovered the facility’s average incoming voltage was an unstable 243.7V, rising to 251.3V at high peak periods. The overvoltage was leading to a significant amount of wasted energy, as well as causing unnecessary wear and tear to the on-site equipment, shortening its lifespan.

Powerstar therefore recommended the installation of a Powerstar MAX, an electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation solution, which optimises, conditions and stabilises the voltage supply by an average of 22.1V. The solution responds, in real time, to the fluctuating incoming voltage, adjusting the reduction of the supply as required, at any given moment, within pre-agreed parameters.

Powerstar’s concept to completion engineering led solution for Tetra Pak CPS is providing tangible reductions in electricity costs and CO2, as well as guaranteed annual consumption savings of 10.6%.

Dr. Alex Mardapittas, managing director of Powerstar, said, “As part of our service, solutions are tailored specifically to each business’ needs and individual requirements, ensuring minimal disruption is caused to operations during installation.

“We have significant experience within the manufacturing and processing sectors, with our full concept to completion solution delivering substantial electricity reductions and energy savings for both large and small businesses within the industry.

“The process was no different for Tetra Pak CPS and we are looking forward to continuing to monitor the savings produced by the Powerstar MAX solution for the company.”

Powerstar is currently celebrating 16 years of trading – a credit to British manufacturing, which is completed on site at the company’s South Yorkshire based head office. The company is accredited with the prestigious Made in Sheffield accolade in acknowledgement of the quality of its manufacturing process that assists businesses in achieving significant energy savings.


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