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Powerstar, the market leading energy storage and voltage optimisation brand has secured a €350,000 EU grant towards the development and manufacture of 15 VIRTUE energy storage and electric vehicle (EV) charging units for use on the Isle of Wight ‘interGRIDy’ project.

The VIRTUE EV solutions are one of 30 different technologies funded through a €12.3million framework provided by the European Commission Horizon 2020 – Research and Innovation Framework – all of which will form an integral part of the Isle of Wight ‘interGRIDy’ project.

‘InterGRIDy’ brings together the latest cutting-edge technologies, solutions and mechanisms in order to connect the Isle of Wight’s energy distribution network. The project will facilitate the dynamic standalone operation of the island’s Distribution Grid (DG), coordinating energy resources and enabling collaborative storage schemes within an increasing share of renewables.

The VIRTUE energy storage EV charging units provide both an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) to users, alongside issuing a fast EV charge to connected cars. By storing energy in periods of low tariffs and using the power during areas of high costs, the VIRTUE unit reduces both CO2 and overall electricity consumption costs.

As VIRTUE is always connected to the energy network, the solution offers a potential income through Dynamic Firm Frequency Response or Enhanced Frequency Response, both of which help to manage grid energy supply.

Furthermore, as a growing number of electric cars are launched to reduce CO2 emissions from vehicles, there will be a greater need for EV chargers. However, the current electrical network does not have the capacity to manage increased grid demand. As a result, it is essential for facilities that accommodate EV vehicles to invest in infrastructure upgrades. By using VIRTUE EV it reduces demand on the grid, in turn significantly reducing costs, with users realising the benefits of the system.

Commenting on ‘interGRIDy’ Solon Mardapittas, lead project scientist for VIRTUE said, “The potential for energy storage technology and Virtue in particular, is set to expand rapidly in the coming years, with many businesses looking to invest in systems that negate expensive DUoS and Triad charges that appear within electricity bills.

Funding provided by the European Commission Horizon 2020 will allow the community across the Isle of Wight to access a host of benefits provided by the VIRTUE EV units, this includes independent power supply to specific loads on the current energy network and electricity to fast charge any EV car.”


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