Powerstar, the market-leading energy storage and voltage optimisation brand, has announced it will be launching its latest energy management product, Powerstar SO-LOTM, at its head offices in Sheffield on 19 September, 2018.Dr Alex Mardapittas, CEO of Powerstar

Manufactured in the UK, Powerstar SO-LO is a super low loss amorphous core smart transformer with remote monitoring functionality. The highly-efficient amorphous core present in the SO-LO transformer reduces load and no-load losses, delivering cost savings and CO2 emission reductions.

Ideal for a wide range of organisations both private and public sector, including manufacturing, telecoms, retail, healthcare, commercial and more, Powerstar SO-LO provides a bespoke cost-effective way to reduce energy consumption by upgrading current high voltage (HV) infrastructures.

Powerstar SO-LO will be officially unveiled on 19 September, 2018 at its launch event, in which delegate places are limited, held at Powerstar’s headquarters and manufacturing facility in Sheffield. During the day guests will experience a live demonstration of the remote monitoring function of the system, along with talks from a host of guest expert industry speakers.

Powerstar, Unit 2, 4 Cowley Way, Ecclesfield, Sheffield

As with all of the company’s energy saving solutions, Powerstar SO-LO can be financed through a range of flexible finance options, including rental, hire purchase and leasing, providing added value and offering flexibility for businesses.

The Powerstar SO-LO smart transformer is the latest addition to Powerstar’s award-winning range of solutions, which includes the LITE, MAX and HV MAX voltage optimisation range of products, VIRTUE energy storage and VIRTUE EV combined energy storage and rapid vehicle charging solutions.

Dr. Alex Mardapittas, Chief Executive Officer at Powerstar, said: “We are proud to launch our latest solution, Powerstar SO-LO. The smart transformer combines the latest advancements in technology with greater energy efficiencies, allowing businesses to better optimise their energy profile and have visibility into traditionally offline assets.

“The launch event in September will allow guests to learn about the key features and benefits of the Powerstar SO-LO system and how companies can use its smart energy-saving qualities to better understand and manage their energy requirements and produce cost and CO2 savings.”

To book your place at the event and find out more information on Powerstar SO-LO, please visit powerstar.com/solo.

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