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Powerstar, the market-leading energy storage and voltage optimisation brand, is pleased to announce the Powerstar LITE voltage optimisation system has been successfully tested under laboratory conditions by the Energy Efficiency Consultancy Limited (EECO2), for the pharmaceutical industry.

Conducted by EECO2 – the leading international provider of researched, tested and proven engineering efficiency solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotech and other high-tech industries – the recent study highlights that the Powerstar solution delivers tangible savings on new plant equipment thanks to the patented design.

The results highlighted that energy efficiency savings accounted for approximately 19 to 20 per cent of the total savings achieved, with the negative power (back EMF), generating four times this amount – the equivalent of 80 to 81 per cent of the total savings achieved.

Given continuing advancements to increase the performance and efficiency of electrical equipment, the results are impressive, particularly as the pharmaceutical industry is renowned the world over for using the most up-to-date equipment.

What is also particularly interesting is the tests demonstrate that the largest savings are achieved by Powerstar’s patented design. Whilst similar in principle and application to other voltage optimisation systems, the clever design delivers additional savings.

In essence, any excess voltage above the set-point is subtracted from the input voltage, resulting in the generation of negative power (back EMF), which flows towards the supply and is subtracted from the incoming power. The reduction of power consumed is seen in actual kWh savings.

Dr. Alex Mardapittas, chief executive officer for Powerstar, said: “This test, alongside the recently completed test by the American Electrical Power (AEP) at the world-renowned Dolan research centre, highlight the additional benefits of installing a Powerstar voltage optimisation solution.”

Dr. Mardapittas added: “As a long-standing market leader in voltage optimisation technology, we are happy to have independent reports commissioned, as they further underpin not only the additional benefits of our solutions, but also our knowledge and understanding of the market. It is possible for sites that experience overvoltage, which most do, to generate energy savings by using bespoke engineered voltage optimisation solutions.”


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