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Powerstar MAX voltage optimisation

Powerstar, UK manufacturer of leading-edge smart energy solutions, has announced a major enhancement to its market leading Powerstar MAX variable voltage optimisation solution that provides new functionality and offers customers increased visibility of their electricity profile and asset performance.

Developed in-house by Powerstar’s research and development team, in-line with the advancement of Industry 4.0, as of 8th April 2019, all Powerstar MAX systems will be manufactured with an online remote monitoring platform which replaces the previous Human Machine Interface (HMI) on the front of the system.

The smart cloud-based reporting and monitoring platform is provided as standard and delivers greater insights into everything from energy usage to maintenance activities, data trends, electricity consumption, savings achieved and electricity profiles – all accessible from anywhere with a secure internet connection.

The online functionality gives Powerstar the ability to remotely perform updates and software upgrades to systems as required, reducing the need for site visits. While in-depth reporting on the performance of the system means users can access their energy saving solutions operational data and trends in real-time, aiding decisions on further energy optimisations and maintenance activities.

As part of this improvement, a dedicated Powerstar remote service team will also be in place to provide continuous remote support for the systems.

Ideal for a wide range of businesses both in the private and public sector, including manufacturing, industrial, retail, healthcare, education and more, Powerstar MAX, as a dynamic system, analyses and matches incoming voltage supply, ensuring it remains at an optimum level for operational requirements of onsite electrical equipment by maintaining a constant output, even for sites with unstable voltage profiles. This, in turn, provides significant reductions in electricity consumption and costs, as well as carbon emissions.

By embracing Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) ready technology, the secure, password protected platform is a future-proof solution which can be integrated with other smart energy technologies to provide a singular reporting hub as part of a fully connected, business-wide smart energy strategy.

Solon Mardapittas, Chief Technical Officer at Powerstar, commented: “At Powerstar we are committed to the continuous development of our portfolio of smart energy solutions, which are constantly developed to offer customers advice and expertise on solutions that deliver maximum savings, heightened sustainability and robust resilience.

“The latest update is the perfect representation of this commitment, giving users not only increased visibility of their energy use and asset performance, but also enhanced remote reporting and monitoring functionality, which is in line with the development of Industry 4.0.”

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