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Powerstar, Europe’s market leading voltage optimisation brand, is pleased to announce it has won two prestigious international innovation awards at European Utility Week, which was held in Vienna between 3rd and 5th November 2015.

The award wins, which included the acclaimed ‘Overall Winner’ as well as the ‘Grid & Renewable Integration’ categories, was for the Powerstar VIRTUE energy storage system launched earlier this year.

A unique achievement

Europe’s most distinguished smart utility professionals gathered at the awards ceremony to celebrate the ingenuity demonstrated by Europe’s leading companies. The awards are renowned for recognising those who have shown outstanding commitment and accomplishments to a sustainable utility industry.

It is very rare for a product to be nominated for three awards – the company was also shortlisted in the ‘Energy Storage’ category – at such a celebrated event and a major achievement win two, as the organisers recognised the significant impact Powerstar VIRTUE can have on the energy market.

Increasingly energy grids around the world are struggling to cope with the surge in demand for electricity, which is set to rise a staggering six-fold by 2050, which will continue to impact grid infrastructure, supply reliability and electricity costs. As a result, pressure is mounting to review electricity usage with energy storage emerging as one of the best solutions to counter the problem.

A unique innovation

Powerstar VIRTUE is an unparalleled energy storage system that harnesses the induced negative power (back EMF) from the unique patented Powerstar voltage optimisation technology, to charge a storage medium. The solution allows for greater control and flexibility of electricity usage, enabling energy stored during periods of low demand to be utilised when required.

Onsite renewable energy generation can be integrated with Powerstar VIRTUE to provide maximum cost benefits by eliminating the need for inverters on renewables, reducing the cost of initial renewable installations, in turn increasing the return on investment. In addition, the solution allows for excess energy generated to be stored for use when the renewable source is producing little or no electricity.

European Utility Week

On display at European Utility Week, the system was extremely well received by international visitors, who were introduced to the features and benefits by the Powerstar team, which included international sales director Martin Stevens.

The UK manufactured solution is generating great interest amongst large electricity consumers, distribution network operators and national grids, who all recognise the benefits that Powerstar VIRTUE offers.

Powerstar recently secured a €1.65m (£1.21m) grant from the European Union’s (EU) Horizon 2020 Innovation and Research Programme in relation to Powerstar VIRTUE. The funding will result in a joint project between E.ON Energy and Warwick University to commission a 3MW installation at a store belonging to one of the UK’s largest retailers. Once installed the site will have the capability of becoming entirely grid independent.

Martin Stevens said, “We are extremely proud to have won such prestigious international awards. Our research and development team is constantly on the look out for ways to save energy and Powerstar VIRTUE is only the latest in our portfolio. We are already working on our next innovative solution.”


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