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Powerstar, the market-leading energy storage and voltage optimisation brand, has announced a new working partnership agreement with Capitas Finance Limited, allowing the company to provide energy-saving products and services to its customers with greater flexibility.

From the left are Mark Turrell, Director, Capitas Finance, Robert Macklin, Chief Financial Officer, Powerstar and Jeremy Hartill, Managing Director, Capitas Finance

The partnership enhances Powerstar’s market-leading position in the industry by allowing the company to deliver finance and funding options to its customers, from hire purchase to leasing in a transparent, simple and effective way.

More importantly, the affiliation allows for the further development of Powerstar’s recently-launched ‘As a Service’ funding model for both energy storage (Storage as a Service or STaaS) and voltage optimisation systems (Powerstar as a Service).

As with all Powerstar’s services, the ‘As a Service’ funding model is customised to each customer’s requirements, allowing organisations to purchase and install a Powerstar solution without investing in capital expenditure.

‘As a Service’ provides a fixed payment offer for the delivery of a Powerstar solution, with the ability to match requirements with benefits, resulting in a cash positive position, while minimising the risk of investment with a performance guarantee and warranty.

Working together with Capitas Finance and the development of ‘As a Service’ finance models will support Powerstar in developing a wider adoption of energy storage solutions throughout the UK.

Robert Macklin, Chief Financial Officer of Powerstar, said: “As a business with customers at its core, Powerstar continually strives for added value. Whether it means developing new products and services or offering flexible finance and funding options to assist customers in implementing a Powerstar solution, we aim to understand the individual requirement and deliver a bespoke package from design to implementation and beyond.

“Partnering with Capitas Finance, who are experts in the energy efficiency solution, and have taken the time to build a strong working relationship based on the understanding of how Powerstar’s products and business works, has been another positive step for the company.”

Jeremy Hartill, Managing Director of Capitas Finance, added: “In today’s fast-paced environment, many businesses are opting for flexible funding options rather than outright purchase, expecting suppliers to understand and cater to their changing requirements.

“Organisations are spreading the costs of the energy storage investment whilst achieving a wider variety of benefits e.g. greater savings, greater resilience and greater revenue opportunities. In the process, they’re enhancing the benefits of their Powerstar solution, while simultaneously managing risk.

“We are excited to be providing funding to Powerstar, whose values are closely aligned to ours and share the vision of delivering a beneficial bespoke solution based on the understanding of individual customers.”


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