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Powerstar, manufacturer of leading-edge smart energy solutions, has launched its latest innovative solution – Powerstar SO-LO, at an event held at the company’s head office and manufacturing facility in Sheffield on 19 September 2018.

Powerstar SO-LO is a UK manufactured super low loss amorphous core distribution transformer with integrated remote monitoring, a proactive response from the company to the rise of digitisation in the manufacturing and industrial sectors as the fourth industrial revolution, named as Industry 4.0, gathers pace.

The super low loss amorphous core present in Powerstar SO-LO transformers delivers greater efficiencies and reduces CO2 emissions, delivering benefits for a range of companies in a variety of market sectors that are looking for a bespoke, cost-effective way to reduce energy consumption.

During the launch event, over 40 invitees were shown around Powerstar’s purpose-built innovation laboratory, where the company experiments with new technologies and fully tests solutions prior to installation, and were gathered to witness a demonstration of the remote monitoring capabilities of Powerstar SO-LO first-hand as well as being invited to inspect the amorphous alloy core up close allowing guests to experience for themselves the physical difference between traditional CRGO cores.

Visitors also enjoyed an exclusive glimpse of the Powerstar SO-LO promotional literature and a new website dedicated to the company’s transformer range,, which is now live and showcases Powerstar’s transformers offering and related services.

The event consisted of guest speeches from industry experts including Georgina Penfold, Director at Industrial & Commercial Operations Network who provided an explanation of the coming grid charge changes, and Ian Lloyd, Digital Transformation Manager at Siemens who shared an insider view of the Siemens MindSphere.

Dr. Alex Mardapittas, Chief Executive Officer at Powerstar, said: “It was a pleasure to welcome so many companies to the launch of Powerstar SO-LO. We hope everyone present has gained a greater understanding of Powerstar SO-LO and how smart energy solutions will be used to assist in the improved management of energy, as manufacturing, alongside other industries, continues to be digitised.

“A major strategic objective we have at Powerstar is to constantly innovate new products and solutions to benefit our customers. Powerstar SO-LO is the latest in a long line of such innovations, alongside our recent investment into an Innovation Laboratory.”


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