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Technology and power: A sustainable relationship

TeleData, a reputable specialist in hosting solutions such as cloud and colocation services in its independently operated Tier III data centre in Manchester, has committed further investment in its previously well-established resilience and sustainability efforts with technologies from Powerstar.

TeleData was keen to invest in proven technology to support its ambition of providing sustainable and resilient service to its customers whilst future proofing against a turbulent marketplace. After a rigorous process of identifying several possible technologies, the company decided on a complete solution comprising of energy storage, implemented alongside a new super low loss distribution transformer with voltage regulation from market leading smart energy solutions provider, Powerstar.

Powerstar is an innovative, leading-edge provider of smart energy solutions, with a range of patented technologies in its portfolio. Focused on offering bespoke, customer centric solutions; Powerstar has completed thousands of installations globally throughout its 18 years of trading.

Teledata VIRTUE

TeleData’s decision to select Powerstar for the project was driven by its wealth of knowledge and experience in delivering smart energy solutions, and its ability to combine all three technologies into one complete, holistic solution to deliver it as a single project. Procuring the solution this way provided a consistent point of contact and accountability for the project, minimising risk whilst fast-tracking the results.

Working closely with Teledata to ensure details were understood, Powerstar was able to design an optimised and customised solution for site, ensuring it met its key targets of:

  1. Improving efficiencies and reduce carbon emissions by implementing voltage regulation and an amorphous core transformer
  2. Enhancing existing site resilience capabilities
  3. Insulating customers against future energy price rises through energy optimisations provided by battery energy storage

Commenting on the project, Matt Edgley, Commercial Director at TeleData UK Ltd said “Although the benefits of this type of system are obvious on paper, being the first colocation data centre in the UK to implement this type of technology meant we had no sites of reference to take comfort from. We investigated every single detail of the systems we were implementing to ensure we weren’t putting ourselves or our customers at risk, commercially or technically.

“In doing so we have learned a huge amount, but we couldn’t have done this confidently without the expert advice of the team at Powerstar – and without complete confidence we would not have done it at all. Now that the system is in place, we’re extremely proud of the installation and look forward to the benefits, many of which will be immediate.”

The solution recommended for the site includes VIRTUE, Powerstar’s award-winning battery energy storage system which will store electricity from the grid and discharge during the most beneficial periods, including acting as a reserve and during peak tariff times. Additionally, the site will implement a Powerstar HV MAX solution, combining a super low loss HV transformer with LV optimisation, offering benefits of enhanced energy efficiency and security through variable voltage optimisation delivering a stabilised voltage. In implementing this technology, TeleData can ensure that it is reducing unnecessary energy waste and optimising their incoming power supply at all times.

Dr. Alex Mardapittas, Chief Executive Officer at Powerstar, said “This project with TeleData exemplifies the advantage of implementing a complete solution to provide many tangible benefits to enable businesses to operate in a more sustainable manner.

“The combination of technologies that will be deployed on TeleData’s site in Manchester have been engineered to work effectively together, evidence of this can be seen through the online remote monitoring platforms that each is provided with to give a holistic overview to asset performance and operation. We are immensely proud to have been selected following an in-depth evaluation.”

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30 October 2019


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