Offsetting rising energy costs

Your business' energy costs could rise by 30-40%

The rising cost of energy

Businesses are becoming increasingly aware of rising energy costs, particularly companies that are ending long term contracts with suppliers, and are now being exposed to price hikes of up to 40%. This is putting increasing pressure on the bottom line of many businesses across the board. This pressure is being felt most by energy intensive users, such as manufacturers who could be facing a 33% increase in energy prices from 2016.

During these energy price rises, buildings supplied with electricity at a higher voltage level than needed will experience further inflated electricity bills. However, optimising voltage to a level that more closely matches the requirements of the site and its equipment will not only reduce consumption and energy costs, but also prolong equipment lifespan whilst reducing maintenance costs and carbon footprint.

How can businesses protect against price rises?

The aforementioned consumption and cost savings can be achieved through the implementation of Powerstar’s range of voltage optimisation solutions. Powerstar’s patented technology has been applied to fixed, variable or ‘electronic-dynamic’, and combined voltage optimisation solutions to provide maximum savings depending on the requirements of your site.

The energy consumption and cost savings from Powerstar’s range of smart energy solutions provides benefits across an entire business. The lower energy costs strengthen a company’s bottom line whilst the optimised voltage enables electrical equipment to lengthen its lifespan, reducing the costs of capital replacement.

The Powerstar advantage

  • Flexible finance options allow you to benefit from Powerstar solutions with no capital outlay
  • The patented design of Powerstar voltage optimisation leads to a smaller power demand due to reduced voltage and consequently lower energy consumption and costs
  • Powerstar voltage optimisation products provide an average 8-10% energy consumption saving and payback in 2-3 years
  • The higher your energy consumption is, the more you will save. Both in terms of energy consumption and energy costs.
  • The super low loss amorphous core transformer is 99% efficient, therefore providing up to an additional 3% savings on total electricity consumption than traditional HV transformers. This means that with Powerstar SO-LO or Powerstar HV MAX, you can also save energy consumption and costs on the HV side.

Additionally, Powerstar is a market leading smart energy solution supported by the following benefits:

No moving partsNo moving parts – Powerstar’s technology has been designed to a specification that means it contains no moving parts


Maintenance freeMaintenance free – As a result of containing no moving parts, Powerstar systems are maintenance free solutions


15 year warranty – Powerstar’s voltage optimisation products come with a 15 year warranty and an expected lifespan of 50 years.


Guaranteed savings – Following analysis of site data, Powerstar provides a detailed proposal underpinned with a 100% savings guarantee based on the percentage of kWh savings the system will provide


Transparency of performance – Powerstar has developed its own remote monitoring platform that displays all the key performance data of the system which can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection


Concept to completion – Powerstar’s in-house capabilities span the entire project lifespan from data analysis to post-sales.

Want to know more?

To learn more about how Powerstar’s technology can help you offset the rise in energy costs, as discussed in the recent Shopping Centre article, through saving an average of 8-10% on energy consumption simply complete the form below.

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