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An Introduction to Powerstar

Through excellence in engineering and manufacturing along with investment into R&D to both develop new innovations and keep existing solutions at the forefront of technological advancements, our company has built a reputation as a pioneering leading-edge provider of smart energy solutions. Our flagship solutions are the Powerstar VIRTUE energy storage solution, the Powerstar range of voltage optimisation technologies, and the super low loss amorphous core distribution transformer with integrated remote monitoring, Powerstar SO-LO.

Underpinned by a customer focused approach at all levels of the business, combined with continued commitment to innovation and our engineering core, we are dedicated to helping clients achieve their energy goals through identifying the correct engineering solution and implementing technologies that are designed to meet the individual needs of each client.

Powerstar - Our Company

Caption: Powerstar head office and manufacturing facility in Sheffield, UK

Our Company Profile

  • Formed in 2001, Powerstar head office is located in Sheffield, UK
  • Manufacturers of Powerstar VIRTUE energy storage, Powerstar voltage optimisation solutions, and Powerstar SO-LO distribution transformers.
  • Technologies are engineered in the UK and exported to over 20 countries
  • Solutions are manufactured under IEC 60076, and under the Made In Sheffield accreditation
  • Powerstar is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 approved
  • In 2017, Powerstar acquired Bromsgrove Winding Services Ltd (BWS), Powerstar manufactures transformers from this site in Bromsgrove, and the full Powerstar transformer range can be viewed on the dedicated transformer website – https://powerstartx.com/ 

Powerstar has a truly global footprint with an extensive network of approved partners and distributors. This provides a comprehensive geographical presence and offers a tailored, market driven and customer centric approach to ensure clients benefit from localised expert knowledge and understanding of relevant issues in the energy industry.

Powerstar solutions have been installed into thousands of sites throughout the world and the company’s experience covers the full spectrum of clients, including; installations at prestigious landmark sites, multi-site and international roll out projects, single installations for public and private sector businesses, and domestic projects.

Whatever your business, through verified and cost-effective smart energy technologies, coupled with a renowned concept to completion and engineering led approach, Powerstar can provide a smart solution to your energy problem, irrespective of how large or small it may seem.


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