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Distribution Transformers

Powerstar’s extensive range of distribution transformers includes Powerstar SO-LO, the first super low loss amorphous core smart distribution transformer with online remote monitoring capabilities for maximum visibility of asset performance.

What is a smart distribution transformer?

Traditionally, transformers are critical but often overlooked aspects of the high voltage infrastructure. Once deployed, they can have a lifespan of up to 50 years, and apart from a manual annual inspection are often left untouched.

By adding in carefully selected sensors and controls, Powerstar has brought its amorphous core distribution transformer into the 21st century by developing a remote monitoring platform that enables 24/7 real-time access to performance and conditional data of the products on an easy to navigate user-friendly platform.

Smart transformers represent a shift towards the next industrial revolution, aptly referred to as Industry 4.0, where online and connected technologies that are Internet of Things (IoT) ready, are rapidly becoming the norm in all facets and functions. This includes the high voltage (HV) infrastructure many sites operate and maintain, to which the distribution transformer is a crucial piece of the puzzle.

Smart Distribution Transformers that fit seamlessly into your infrastructure

The way we use energy in industry is changing, there is a higher demand than ever to get the most out the electricity we use, find new ways to maximise energy savings, and cut down on our carbon footprint.

Distribution transformers are an essential part of any site’s existing energy infrastructure. Whether you’re looking to add to your network or reinvest in your energy infrastructure, our smart transformers integrate seamlessly with on-site energy storage and voltage optimisation systems to revolutionise a site’s energy infrastructure by offering cost-saving benefits.

At Powerstar, we are experts in helping organizations transform their energy infrastructure. Get in touch with a member of our team with us to discuss your requirements, or learn more about smart distribution transformers by navigating through the product pages below.

  • Visibility of asset performance
  • Reduced operating costs and carbon emissions
  • Enhanced maintainence activities

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