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Online Remote Monitoring Capabilities

Smart distribution transformers manage your energy effectively with online remote monitoring functionality


Powerstar SO-LO

For many businesses, distribution transformers are critical infrastructure. However, they are not connected and online, so their health, performance, and efficiency are typically unknown or reliant upon manual inspections of antiquated gauges/meters.

Powerstar SO-LO’s online remote monitoring capability allows 24/7 visibility to help you better understand how your transformers are performing and where efficiencies can be made to obtain the best return on investment.

Developed with Industry 4.0 in mind, Powerstar SO-LO’s online remote monitoring functionality displays comprehensive data and intelligence to provide useful grid information, conditional performance data, and energy efficiency reports. It has been designed to complement maintenance activities and allows for the remote monitoring of core temperatures, winding currents, oil temperature and, when integrated, the performance of voltage management functionality.

The platform also enables integration with a number of other technologies, allowing businesses to track the performance of numerous energy assets on a single platform, providing further insight into the business’ efficiency needs.

Below are a number of example pages from the Powerstar SO-LO remote monitoring platform. Contact us for more information about how your business can improve its HV infrastructure with Powerstar SO-LO.

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Benefits of Smart Transformers


The platform’s homepage provides an overview of the transformers performance

Remote Monitoring Home


Further details about the system’s oil condition can be found on the OIL FCS page

Remote Monitoring Oil


Faults are displayed and the client is alerted when issues are identified

Remote Monitoring Issues


The platform enables predictive maintenance for complete peace of mind

Remote Monitoring Predictive Maintenance


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