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Flexible Finance Options

Clever Power Infrastucture Finance Options For your Business

As with any project, finance can be an obstacle to conception despite attractive payback and strong ROI. which is why Powerstar has a range of flexible transformer and power grid finance options to help you implement the right solutions for your needs with a tailored, flexible, and transparent finance plan.


Through our flexible financing options, award winning smart energy solutions are available in a variety of manners, some of which include with no capital outlay, delivering the cost savings and other benefits Powerstar solutions achieve whilst freeing up working capital for core business activities.


Hire Purchase, rental and leasing agreements are customisable options for organisations to deploy assets immediately and reap the benefits with a structured payment plan tailored to the solution.

Energy efficiency technologies which deliver reliable savings are available through hire purchase and leasing agreements. Similarly, transformers are critical infrastructure and replacement can be unavoidable, so this is made manageable through such financing options.

The benefits of Powerstar solutions can be easily attained through these straightforward transformer finance options, meaning that guaranteed cost and CO2 reductions can be achieved by energy users without upfront capital outlay.


Powerstar work alongside finance partners to offer PPAs for solar arrays. Our partner organisations carry out the installation and maintenance of PVs, and offer reduced electricity costs for 25 years with no capital outlay, after which ownership of the asset is transferred.

PPAs for solar (PV) are suitable for sites with a building footprint of at least 1,400m2 and electricity consumption of 80,000KWh.


As manufacturers that have deployed thousands of systems worldwide, we understand that depending on cash flow, capital expansion plans, tax strategies and on or off balance sheet funding requirements that not all finance options will be straightforward and templated solutions may not always be best suited.

This is a matter further complicated when multiple assets are involved, such as battery energy storage and solar (PV). Therefore, working alongside our specialist energy solutions finance company, we can deliver a complete solution covering all aspects of an energy project including assets, professional services and construction works to meet your business objectives.


As with any purchase, capital expenditure options are available for organisations that have the resources and desire to purchase products outright. With capex the customer will receive 100% of the benefits from day one and throughout the lifespan of the product.

Bespoke energy efficiency solutions, such as Powerstar’s voltage optimisation systems, can deliver an excellent ROI of between 2-4 years and come with savings guaranteed to ensure peace of mind.

All finance options are subject to eligibility. To learn more about our finance options or discuss the best option for your business, please submit your enquiry on the form below.


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