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Benefits of HV Voltage Optimisation

Powerstar HV MAX is one of the only UK manufactured super low loss transformers with an amorphous core. It is coupled with integrated variable voltage optimisation (Powerstar MAX) technology enabling it to offer improved efficiencies on the HV side and energy consumption savings on the LV side, providing a combined solution.

HV voltage optimisation

The reason businesses need to optimise voltage is to correct the problems caused by the HV infrastructure.

Unless the HV distribution transformer is brand new, it is more efficient to correct the issue at source by upgrading to a super low loss transformer with an amorphous core.

The benefits associated with upgrading transformers include:

  • Enhanced efficiency of your HV infrastructure with a super low loss transformer with an amorphous core that is 99% efficient
  • Protection for on-site electrical equipment through constant voltage regulation
  • Delivers up to 3% annual efficiency savings in comparison to conventional transformers
  • When loaded to 75%, HV transformer losses are reduced by 73%
  • At no load, HV transformer losses are reduced by 57% (compared to conventional transformers)
  • Optional HV online remote monitoring functionality for performance information such as core temperature and winding current

Energy consumption savings (LV side)

The advantage of a Powerstar HV MAX system it that it utilises variable voltage optimisation on the Low Voltage (LV) side, so it has the ability to provide additional savings on top of the HV side transformer efficiencies.

The majority of the savings are achieved through negative power (back EMF) in which excess voltage is sent in the direction of the supply, ensuring only a tenth of the power is transformed, resulting in reduced voltage and current, further savings are also achieved from improved equipment efficiencies. Benefits include:

  • Constant voltage regulation to protect electrical equipment on site
  • Additional average energy consumption savings of 8 – 10%
  • Improved equipment efficiencies and reduced maintenance costs
  • Reductions in carbon emissions
  • Protection against spikes and surges
  • Improved power quality
  • Online remote monitoring functionality for performance information such as energy consumption savings

The Benefits of Voltage Optimisation

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Applications of HV Optimisation


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