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Negative Power (Back EMF)

Making Additional Savings Through Negative Power (Back EMF)

The Powerstar range of voltage optimisation solutions holds a global patent on its design and specification. The patent ensures that no other voltage optimisation solution, although similar in principle and application, is able to replicate the exact design specification of a Powerstar system.

It is through this patented design that Powerstar is able to generate negative power feedback (back EMF).

Back EMF

Powerstar voltage optimisation technology is a transformer-based system used to optimise the characteristics of the current supplied at the source (first current), according to current characteristics required at the load (second current).

  • The first current is typically an alternating voltage in which case the resultant voltage is increased or decreased, this transformation routinely results in excess transformed voltage
  • Because this reverse current is real energy, which is distinct from apparent or reactive energy, there is a direct effect on the consumption of the load. This effect is a reduction of power consumed by a load, seen by actual kWh savings

In simple terms, any excess voltage above the Powerstar set-point is subtracted from the input voltage, this results in the generation of negative power (back EMF), which flows towards the supply and is subtracted from the incoming power.


Report from The University of Warwick

A report from The University of Warwick produced by Professor Jihong Wang, entitled ‘Simulation Study for a Transformer Based Voltage Regulator’, summarises the effect of Powerstar (referred to as voltage regulator), including the impact of negative power (back EMF).

The report concluded:

  1. The mathematical and simulation model presented in the report explains how the voltage regulator works
  2. The theoretic analysis and simulation proves that the voltage regulator can lead to energy saving
  3. The overall power consumption is reduced because the negative power is induced and feedbacks to the power source, virtually, this power can be considered as power ‘generated’ from the load side
  4. The induced current or power can be measured by using a separated power supply by using an ordinary transformer (not an autotransformer)


Powerstar LITE Undergoes Laboratory Testing for Pharmaceutical Industry

A recent study, conducted under laboratory conditions by Energy Efficiency Consultancy Limited (EECO2), a leading global provider of researched, tested and proven engineered efficiency solutions for the pharmaceutical, biotech and other high-tech industries highlights the ability for Powerstar to produce savings on new plant equipment due to its patented design providing negative power (back EMF).

The test was performed on a Powerstar LITE unit at the request of several of EECO2’s pharmaceutical/life science clients and recently they published the independent findings.

Access the full independent findings by clicking here.

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