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PathZERO Energy: Master Distributor For North America

PathZERO EnergyAt Powerstar, we understand that the best way to serve our international audiences is to utilize the skills and experience of experts that operate in that region.

That’s why Powerstar has appointed PathZERO Energy as its master distributor across North America, due to its knowledge and expertise of the energy industry across the territory. As an enlightened energy services provider, PathZERO Energy aims to help businesses transform their energy management with a new approach, taking customers and their facilities on a path to cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable energy.

As a master distributor, PathZERO Energy has a network of approved partners across numerous states that assist it in ensuring the highest level of customer service is delivered across the region.

Introducing PathZERO Energy

Despite the geographical distance, PathZero Energy and Powerstar are perfectly aligned with regard to both businesses objectives, ideals and motivations. Both companies believe customers deserve a better, smarter and more integrated approach to achieving their energy goals, through tailor-made solutions that are designed to meet the needs of each individual site.

PathZERO Energy was founded to create an energy-as-a-service company that combines supply and demand side in intelligent energy solutions. Therefore, the partnership enables Powerstar to deliver its award-winning, engineered solutions to the U.S market through a provider that can be trusted to effectively serve the needs of the client.

PathZERO Energy possesses extensive experience in all areas to help its customers achieve clean, independent, and lower-cost energy. This includes expertize in: energy efficiency, energy management systems and controls, renewable energy and distributed generation (including solar, energy storage, and microgrids), retail energy supply, and energy data and optimization. This expertize allows PathZERO Energy to bring an integrated set of services for small to large businesses that will help make energy management easy, whilst setting businesses on their path to reduced costs, energy resilience, and enhanced corporate sustainability.

Short and long-term goals

In the short-term, PathZERO Energy is focusing on educating the U.S. market, including distributors, partners, utilities, and clients, of the immense energy efficiency value to be unlocked by deploying voltage optimization across all markets. Within the U.S. markets, energy storage is still in the nascent stages as a distributed energy resource, but the markets are warming up to such technologies in the northeastern states and clients will soon be rewarded for the deployment of this resource.

With these market changes in the long-term, PathZERO Energy will be able to offer its clients a fully integrated distributed energy resource solution that provides clean, efficient, and resilient energy at a reasonable cost. Powerstar’s technologies will be the key components in this integrated, holistic solution.

A word about Powerstar

PathZERO Energy chose to work with Powerstar because they believe in the company’s established engineering expertise. Paired with its many years of real experience deploying innovative smart energy technologies, Powerstar provides a fit-for-purpose solution ideal for PathZERO Energy’s clients.

Commenting on the partnership. Heather Tackle, Co-founder of PathZERO Energy, stated: “We are excited to partner with Powerstar in introducing the U.S. market to the immense value of its products in helping businesses achieve a path to affordable, clean, and resilient energy on their way to achieving their sustainability goals.”

Get in touch

To get in touch with Powerstar or PathZERO Energy to discuss your business’ energy strategy, simply complete the short form below or call 01142 576 200. You can also visit PathZERO Energy’s website by clicking here.


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