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Enhancing Power Resilience in a Net Zero World – Webinar Recording (19.05.21)

Alastair Morris Chief Commercial OfficerOn Wednesday, 19th May 2021, Powerstar’s Chief Commercial Officer, Alastair Morris, delivered an informative webinar examining the impact of becoming a power resilient organisation, alongside the technologies available to help companies achieve this goal within the context of a rapidly shifting energy landscape, which is heavily focused on electrification and the goal of net zero carbon.

This webinar will help businesses understand the issues power outages can cause, as well as how a bespoke power resilience solution can help protect your business from multiple operational risks, using real world examples to illustrate these benefits. Not only that, Alastair also discusses the benefits of such a bespoke solution in comparison to existing, traditional uninterruptible power supply (UPS) technologies.

This is particularly important when existing traditional UPS systems do not meet all the needs of the site, and a requirement to drive forward net zero strategies means these traditional systems are no longer conducive to the overarching energy strategies of a business.

View the full webinar recording below:


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