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Powerstar 2020 Round-Up






As 2021 begins, Powerstar looks back on some of the top news and articles from the past year.

1. Major savings for prestigious university in Maryland, USA: Voltage Optimisation Case Study

One of Powerstar’s latest international voltage optimisation case studies highlights a significant electrical consumption saving for Mount St. Mary’s University, located in Emmitsburg, Maryland in the USA. Due to Powerstar’s patented and award-winning technology, as well as customer-focused, bespoke approach, Powerstar was chosen to assist Mount St. Mary’s achieve these goals.

Learn more about this case study


The Targeted Charging Review (TCR) was undertaken by Ofgem to understand and assess how residual network changes should be set and recovered in Great Britain as the energy network continues to evolve.

Key drivers of the review

3. Powerstar apprenticeships bringing new energy

Powerstar prides itself on its apprenticeship scheme as it helps drive the company forward through bringing new energy to the business. As apprentices make up the skilled energy industry leaders of the future, this blog explores how one of Powerstar’s current apprentices is progressing in their role.

Discover more about apprenticeships at Powerstar

4. The issue of power resilience rising up the agenda (industry insight)

How energy is generated and consumed in the UK continues to be under intense scrutiny due to its role in climate change, but often the issue of power resilience is overlooked, despite it being an important matter which affects multiple energy users.

Read the Industry Insight

5. Achieving electricity cost savings and enhancing energy flexibility – Webinar on Demand

On Thursday 30th April 2020, Powerstar’s CEO, Dr Alex Mardapittas, delivered an informative webinar for businesses to understand how they can reduce energy costs, protect their business’ operations from power failures and enhance energy flexibility.

Watch the webinar on demand

6. Enhancing energy forecasting and optimisation: Delta Lab Update

This article explores the research and developments from Powerstar’s innovation team within the Delta Lab, specifically, an energy forecasting and optimisation project by Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) Associate, Dr. Rui Zheng.

Discover more about Delta Lab’s research and developments

7. Addressing energy costs at Zara Solihull: Retail Case Study

The latest Powerstar Voltage Optimisation case study, which showcases the achievable benefits within the retail sector, is for Zara, a popular and renowned international fashion company.

Read the Zara Case Study

9. Stability issues with current electricity demand

As UK businesses continue to navigate lockdown restrictions, with many businesses encouraging a home and office working balance, electricity demand is set to fluctuate once again, much like it did during the initial UK lockdown period in Spring 2020.

Find out more about stability issues with the grid

Powerstar Virtue

10. What is on-site energy storage and why is it beneficial

Reliable access to electricity is necessary for the majority of modern businesses in order to keep operations running smoothly. Many businesses don’t see this as an area in which they can control. On-site energy storage offers an alternative way for businesses to supply energy to their sites.

Learn more about energy storage

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