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Power resilience for a net zero world

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We’ve Partnered with ETL to Deliver Net Zero Carbon Delivery Framework


The Powerstar team are proud to have been selected as an approved supplier to help deliver the ETL’s new Net Zero Carbon Delivery Framework, a comprehensive solution for organisations looking to accelerate their path towards net zero.

By utilising the framework to deliver reliable, cost-effective energy storage and optimisation technologies from a pre-qualified supply chain partner, public sector organisations can improve their energy efficiency, lower bills and increase resilience, all while making demonstrable progress towards net zero targets.

With the UK now committed to ambitious net-zero carbon reduction goals, public sector organisations are increasingly required to demonstrate their own commitments to reducing emissions across their operations. As the largest employer in Britain and responsible for around 4% of the UK’s total carbon emissions, the NHS has already laid out a multi-year plan to become the world’s first net-zero carbon national health system by 2040[1]. Other public sector bodies are making similar commitments, leaving many individual organisations with a mounting expectation to reduce emissions. Identifying, planning and delivering these transformative changes will require access to market-leading expertise and advice.

Open to all UK public sector bodies as well as private sector customers, the Net Zero Carbon Delivery Framework will allow organisations to access comprehensive zero or low carbon technology solutions. As well as progressing carbon reduction efforts, the framework offers the opportunity for organisations to secure significant cost savings through improving energy efficiency.

With the rapid growth of new green technology options, the Net Zero Carbon Delivery Framework can help to focus on solutions that will deliver the best value and results for an organisation, providing a flexible, bespoke solution shaped around the specific goals and requirements of each individual client. ETL’s extensive experience in project development means that the procurement framework offers value for money and reliable savings, while providing full legal and procurement compliance, accountability and transparency. End-to-end support ensures that projects are carefully managed from scope and project requirements being agreed, through tendering and delivery to ongoing project support.

Why Energy Efficiency is Key to Reaching Net Zero Carbon

Balancing the need for significant carbon reductions with funding pressures can be difficult for many public sector organisations. With a wide and growing range of technologies available, finding the solution that offers the best fit for an individual organisation’s needs, objectives and access to funding can be challenging without the right support.

Energy efficiency improvements can often offer a solid balance between implementing cost-effective solutions and reducing net carbon emissions. Technology such as voltage optimisation can significantly reduce an organisation’s energy consumption, along with the carbon emissions associated with energy generation, while providing highly competitive returns on investment and rapid payback periods.

Alternatively, battery energy storage solutions can provide a valuable and flexible core to a wider carbon reduction strategy, as well as offering a range of benefits as standalone solutions. By allowing electricity generated on-site, such as through solar PV, to be stored and used more effectively, as well as supporting the implementation of other clean infrastructure upgrades such as EV charging points, battery storage has the potential to maximise the performance of other sustainability solutions as part of a holistic approach to net zero. Battery storage also offers a compelling proposition for organisations that require site-wide uninterruptible power supply (UPS) capabilities, providing a cleaner alternative to traditional resilience options that also delivers substantial energy savings.

You can find out more about the ETL’s Net Zero Carbon Framework here. For more information on the energy optimisation and energy resilience solutions available from Powerstar, contact one of our team by emailing or calling us on 01142 576 200.

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