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Powerstar partners with Typhoon HIL






As part of our continued commitment to innovation, we have partnered with renowned software company Typhoon HIL to provide insights into Powerstar’s latest developments and testing capabilities.

Typhoon HIL is the technology leader in the field of ultra-high-fidelity controller-Hardware-in-the-Loop (C-HIL) simulation for power electronics, microgrids, and distribution networks, whose products enable Powerstar to rigorously test its solutions for clients across a number of scenarios virtually, through customisable simulations.

HIL SCADA (Hardware-in-the-loop supervisory control and data acquisition) is the part of the Typhoon HIL software toolchain that makes it easy to control and reconfigure your Hardware-in-the-loop test bed in real time, visualise the results, and build test procedures via programmable action buttons to cater for a multitude of sites and events which creates a comprehensive and fundamental testing process for businesses

Powerstar’s Chief Technical Officer,  Solon Mardapittas, was recently interviewed by Typhoon HIL to discover more about how using the platform for simulations has helped Powerstar refine its operations.

“If we didn’t have this, we’d be stuck using a platform that we couldn’t change and therefore optimise. It really helps with confidence.” – Solon Mardapittas, CTO of Powerstar

Typhoon HIL’s SCADA was chosen due to its capabilities to help in the testing and ongoing development of Powerstar’s leading-edge battery energy storage solution, Powerstar VIRTUE.

This is due to HIL SCADA software being highly valuable during system testing, as it allows Powerstar’s dedicated team of software engineers to recreate the customer’s network and run complex simulations to make sure that the changeovers from grid to battery and synchronization are all within the times required for the load not to see the effect, and therefore allow the Powerstar VIRTUE to carry out its core advantage over traditional systems of delivering full Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) capabilities effectively, no matter the varying site conditions.

As the energy network continues to transition to a decentralised, digitalised and decarbonised grid, the impact it has on businesses is changing and events such as brownouts, blackouts and voltage dips or spikes are becoming more commonplace. The benefit of utilising Typhoon HIL software is that external scenarios from the National Grid that could potentially impact the client’s operations can be tested to understand the various ways in which the assets can respond, react, and support the business during such occurrences, and, if any adjustments are required to be made to the solution to ensure that it fully fits the client needs.

The software and test bed at the Sheffield head offices eliminates the need for hardware test scenarios which are costly and time-consuming to build and run tests on, instead solutions can be fully mathematically tested and proven. Consequently, projects can be completed faster and more cost effectively in addition to the ability to replicate findings to illustrate performance to customers.

For the R&D team at Powerstar, the best aspect of Typhoon HIL system is that it is flexible and elements can be changed dependant on information from the client to ensure the testing is as comprehensive and customised as possible, to support client requests for unique product features which can be easily updated.

The ongoing relationship with Typhoon HIL will allow Powerstar to develop its next generation of leading smart energy solutions which are rigorously tested to ensure they deliver cost savings, carbon emissions reductions, and protect against power failures whist supporting decarbonisation through by maximising on-site renewable generation.

Read the Typhoon HIL industry spotlight Q&A with Powerstar Chief Technical Office Solon Mardapittas.

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