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Powerstar Round-Up 103





Welcome to the latest round-up. We have pulled together some of the biggest developments in energy into one, convenient list to help you keep up to date with the ever-moving landscape of the UK’s energy sector.


Renewable energy saved Brits £5.7bn last year

Between October and the end of December, renewable generation made up 54% of the UK’s electricity, reducing reliance on imported gas

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Energy prospects for 2023 blow hot and cold

War in Ukraine continues to upend oil and gas markets, but boosts prospects for renewable energy and hydrogen

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EDF to reconsider end date of two nuclear plants due to windfall tax

EDF is considering shutting down two nuclear power plants in response to the windfall tax on low carbon electricity

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Business energy bill support to be slashed 85%

New support package provides a discount on wholesale energy costs rather than a price cap

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Manufacturers believe energy price increases show no signs of abating

70% of businesses in the sector expect their energy costs to increase in 2023

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Warm winter helps Europe overcome Russia’s energy squeeze

Gas prices return to pre-war levels and supply levels are robust as warm weather limits demand

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