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Powerstar Round-Up 81






Welcome to the latest round-up. Whilst historically the Powerstar round-up has focused on summarising news and events from Powerstar, we have decided to change directions slightly and instead focus on updating you on wider news stories from the energy industry to keep you up to date with the ever-moving landscape of the UK’s energy sector.

Below is a selection of stories we think our audience will find of interest.

1) 2020 hailed as the UK’s ‘year of battery storage’

A rapidly growing pipeline of new projects reached 14.5GW during 2020, with 1.2GW operational, driven by larger projects and increasing interest in co-location of storage with renewable generation.

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2) UK Government announces new funding drive for energy storage, floating wind and biomass

A £90 million fund has been announced to drive forward the next generation of green technologies, with energy storage, floating offshore wind and biomass highlighted as key priorities to help the UK transition to clean and green energy.

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3) Record-breaking EV order for British Gas

British Gas this month made the largest even commercial EV order in the UK, with an order for 2,000 electric vans for engineers, as part of a wider plan to never again purchase a combustion engine vehicle.

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4) Morrisons sets 2030 net zero farm produce target

Morrisons has laid down an ambitious new mark in the race amongst major retailers to demonstrate progress towards net zero, with a commitment to source all supplies from net zero carbon British farms by 2030.

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5) Boris Johnson accused of failing on UK net zero plan

A committee of MPs has found that despite the Government’s green rhetoric, ministers are failing to take net zero goals into account when setting policy and there has been little coordination between central and local government on achieving emissions reductions.

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