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Powerstar Round-up 87






Welcome to the latest round-up. We have pulled together some of the biggest developments in energy into one, convenient list to help you keep up to date with the ever-moving landscape of the UK’s energy sector.

1) Britain forced to fire up coal power station amid record power prices and winter squeeze

Two coal power plants have been taken off standby as wind generation tumbles

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2) Balancing resilient energy and clean energy

The transition to renewable energy risks greater disruption without steps taken to bolster resilience

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3) Plug-in and hybrid cars secure 30% market share

Sales of electric vehicles are now four times higher than diesel models

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4) US power grid at risk of catastrophic failure

The resilience of US power grids has been called into question after prolonged blackouts

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5) First new pumped hydro storage for over 30 years commissioned in UK

New proposed projects will mark the first pumped hydro projects in the UK since 1984

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6) Integrated energy systems must be more resilient

Power grids need to become more resilient and reliable as more services such as electric vehicles come to depend on them

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