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Powerstar Round-Up 91






Welcome to the latest round-up. We have pulled together some of the biggest developments in energy into one, convenient list to help you keep up to date with the ever-moving landscape of the UK’s energy sector.


High Energy Prices to Continue Until 2023

The UK’s largest energy supplier has warned that the current energy crisis could last up to two years

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Why the UK’s energy sector is fragile and ripe for cyberattack

The UK’s current energy crisis makes us more vulnerable to disruption caused by cyberattacks

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Data Centres not sustainable enough to cope with growing energy demands of the internet

More efficient data centres are needed if national governments are to manage the hiking energy demands of the internet

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Two thirds of companies see UK as competitive location for manufacturing

63% of companies felt that the UK is a competitive location for manufacturing, with three quarters believing the sector will improve in 2022

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How will the energy price crisis affect UK Plc’s net-zero transition?

The ongoing energy crisis is seeing renewable energy and green subsidies becoming increasingly politicised

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Demand Side Response market offers new opportunities for manufacturers

Manufacturers could profit from their heavy energy usage by engaging with the DSR market to generate passive income

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