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Powerstar round-up issue 59






Welcome to the latest round-up, summarising and showcasing the highlights of the latest news, activities and events of Powerstar and the industry for you.

1) Voltage regulation explained

With businesses experiencing a huge rise in energy prices as fixed-term contracts come to an end, the need to offset these rising energy costs has increased considerably. Therefore, we have produced a video explaining the proven and reliable energy saving range of voltage regulation solutions that we offer and the flexible finance options that allow businesses to enjoy the benefits of such solutions with no capital outlay.

View the full video

2) The future of the capacity market

In our latest Industry Insight we summarise the suspension of the Great British Capacity Market.

The Insight discusses the reasons why the challenge against the Capacity Market was successful, how the Capacity Market is likely to reform, and the potential impact that this has on energy storage.

Read the insight

3) Supporting EV infrastructure to meet low carbon goals

Electric Vehicle Webinar Powerstar’s latest webinar ‘Supporting electric vehicle infrastructure to meet low carbon goals’ features Ricky Higgins, Powerstar Business Development Manager, discussing the significant infrastructure upgrades that are required for the UK to cope with the additional demand on the network that is likely to be generated by widespread electric vehicle adoption.

View the webinar on demand

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