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Powerstar round-up issue 60






Welcome to the latest round-up, summarising and showcasing the highlights of the latest news, activities and events of Powerstar and the industry for you.

1) Powerstar secures place on Good Energy framework

We are delighted to have been selected to partner with Good Energy on its battery storage framework.

As one of only two companies to be announced on the framework so far, we have been tasked with supporting Good Energy with the design, installation, operation and maintenance of major commercial battery storage projects.

We will also assist in educating commercial customers on how battery storage can help them take ownership of their power, enabling energy resilience, carbon savings and cost efficiencies.

2) Financial flexibility

Despite the increasing necessity for organisations to cut energy costs, with some facing electricity price rises of up to 40%, many organisations struggle to put forward the required capital to make the initial investment.

However, we provide flexible finance options, such as serviced business models, that enable organisations to benefit from smart energy solutions with no capital outlay.

Learn about our flexible finance options

3) Our complete product portfolio

As the energy transition progresses and new challenges and opportunities present themselves, an increasing number of companies are assessing the options that they can take to implement a smart energy strategy.

Due to this, we have created a portfolio that outlines our range of smart energy solutions and applications as well as the anticipated average payback period of each solution.

To find out more about how Powerstar can help your organisation save money and reduce your CO2 emissions & Energy usage, Contact our team today

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